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Soaking my Bones

Recently, I took a full day off and went to my favorite Hot Springs only an hour away from Santa Fe, called Ojo Caliente. I have been visiting this place for almost 20-years now, when I first moved to Denver. It is about a 6-hour drive from there. Ojo use to be a place where rivaling Indians would come together at peace and refrain from their differences to heal their wounds from the restorative waters. SPA is incorrectly used in most of the world. It is a Latin acronym meaning “heal through water”. The water has a concentration of various minerals: arsenic (in small does in good for you), iron, soda and lithia with varying temperatures from 99-107 degrees. The mineral water is delicous!

Ojo was very rustic back then and over the years I have watched the transformation take place. Now it has become a first rate, low budget Spa Holiday Resort. In my mind, it is not so low budget anymore. The cheapest room and you don’t even have a shower or bath is $140 single/double a night plus tax, during the week and run $170 a night on weekends. Although that does include 2-days worth of passes to the hot springs. I started out planning to stay at a nearby dive and walk to the hot springs, but the motel was closed, so there went my budget. As usual my champagne taste on a beer budget gets the best of me! I ended up upgrading to a cottage and I was glad I did. I’ve been a spa junkie for many years and I use to always get a spa treatment or massage, but I have found that at so many resorts, the massage is not up to the quality I expect for the dollars I am spending. Does that sound familiar in your provider experiences? The staff just seems to be going through the motions and they do not seem to put much “love” into their work. You can tell! I can’t believe I even watched TV. I love CHOPPED! I have watched very little television the last two years and don;t have one at my small place here in Santa Fe.

The food in the restaurant has greatly improved over they years. It use to be all vegetarian, years ago. I was still a good girl with my lean proteins and vegetables only. They even have a Wine Bar now, and of course I indulged in one glass of Toasted Head Cab Sav. I love the place at night, the moon, the stars, the smell of pinion in the air, the warmth of the water then you freeze while going from pool to pool. I always look for shooting stars or meteor showers. I haven’t seen any lately in the USA. I got aroused in one of the pools! Yummy! Within an hour during the day it snowed, drizzled, sleeted, rained and then the sun came out! I had to complain too management though about the noise in the pools. Everywhere it says ‘Quiet Zone’, and it was like party central in every pool. At night it was the skiers and during the day a bunch of ladies of all ages. Where were all the guys? Skiing, I guess. Urgggh……….WHISPER PLEASE.

I’m thinking of offering tantric vacation packages to a hot springs or a resort in New Mexico or near Denver. I know, not everyone can afford the time and expense to go to Bali, (which I offer a package on my website already) So this might be a good alternative to have a mini vacation with an erotic friend and learn about Tantra too. Let me know if you might be interested and I’ll whip up a package rate for you. It would be best to do a 3-night package, although I could offer a shorter one but would not be able to include all of my tantra teachings.

One of my biggest client pleasers was when I had the elaborate Tigerbaum den in Denver. I offered a decadent overnight package! It included a limo tour of the city with a fun tourguide, a home cooked dinner, or dining at a nice restaurant, a 3-some with a girlfriend, the tantra-ssage, an erotic shower together, overnight with me, and the finale was breakfast in bed the next morning! Woohoo....those were fun times for me and my guests. I know I have to get a few new reviews on sites like TER before men will put their trust in me an dmy services. How quickly men forget!

As much as I like to spend my money on things that are esthetically pleasing, or even safe for my educational future, a new laptop may be in order in the very near future! I’d rather have a spa weekend any day!!!!!

You can read more about me and my erotic life on my website blog. I also compile interesting articles about tantra, improving, relationships and sexuality.


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