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AVN Expo & CES Convention

I just arrived to Las Vegas this week to partake in the AVN Expo being held January 7th - 10th...A lot of your top industry players are arriving too as well...This is my first trip out here to the AVN and I am completely excited..I do have a booth set up out here..So if any of you are in town this week and want to stop by and say hi feel free to do so..The booth number is #6059...Hope to see you guys there

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GrainBelt News...

This morning I woke up to do my postings for Des Moines Iowa and Fort Wayne Indiana...So I decided to stop by Grainbelt News website and put up an ad...Well I had been writing them for 2 months and trying to figure out why I wasn't able to post...I had been able to do so in the past and I just found it odd that all of a sudden I was unable to...Well this morning I sent them another email and finally I got a response..Which stated:

"Your posting privileges were revoked long ago because you felt the nominal
$25 annual advertising fee was too much to pay."


What an insult...I pay monthly fees on some websites just to obtain VIP status and you think I would bitch about a $25 annual fee...Get the hell out of here...I wish the other boards offer a deal such as this..

Normally when boards change their advertising policies they would inform you by email which I never received anything such as this from Grainbelt News...

I find the board to be to damn cluttered anyway..Too hard to navigate without hurting your eyes...

They just left a bad taste in my mouth this morning without me having my cup of coffee first..Geesh!!

Grainbelt News, you definitely will not be getting any of my business...You need to find a better damn response than the cheap shot you tried to take at me this morning...


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Provide What You Advertise

Over a period of time, I have had the same conversation with a number of clients to services being advertised...It is a growing trend it seems that a lot of providers falsely advertise the services they offer to attract clients but when they get there, it is a different story...No it is not my business of how another provider conducts her business but why get mad when someone writes you a bad review indicating that you falsely advertise something that is certainly not on your menu..

There is this saying that you catch more bees with honey or flies, however it goes...Honesty goes a long way and with that comes respect...It is nothing wrong with setting boundaries to what you will and will not do..It offsets confusion and uncomfortable sessions....Remember it sets the mood of the session...If a client says your profile states that you provide this and you tell him no and he decides to cancel the appointment, he is well within his rights to do so...You may be the hottest looking chick in the business but clients what want they pay for...If you don't allow kissing in your session, say so...If you don't provide greek services, say so...Stating otherwise is false advertising....You run the risk of not having him as a repeat client and him backchanneling his experiences to fellow hobbyists.

Providing what you advertise will set you apart from those who don't...Remember honesty in ads will get you far in this business...

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Why Lie And Jerk Me Around??

I have been in the escort business going on 5 years and I have heard everything under the sun...Some of you guys just don't get it...Wasting anyone's time is never cool or acceptable...Most of you are clueless to how much goes into preparation for a session...The expenses for one can be more than what an escort is charging for a session...

There are a number of you who jerk off to setting up fake appts with escorts..Yeah I know we all have our ways of getting off but this one is wasteful...I don't find anything funny about wasting my time or my resources..Only boys do this, not real men...

You know some of us won't see guys who don't meet a certain age requirement but it has been my experience that it doesn't matter..They all come in all ages...But I know a lot of us have been jerked around by younger guys...I am to the point now that I may only see clients over the age of 35 and lessen my chances of running into childish games that some of you play...

I have always open the door for communication..Which is a big mistake on my part..Making myself available to talk on IM or occasionally on the phone but not anymore...I am tired of guys wasting my time..With lines like you seem like a good woman and I would be happy to be with you..Or, you are so beautiful and I think you are the most beautiful and amazing woman I have ever lay eyes on...One hour of your time will not do...Buttering me up has never been the way to go especially if you are playing games with me...

Guys we are no longer in high school..You and your buddies ask someone out on a date for Friday night and stand her up to have laughs...Playing pranks on ladies is never good and karma is a bitch...

There are some very nice ladies in this industry who will go the extra mile to accommodate you...Making 5 stars accommodations, providing refreshments, buying expensive lingerie and it goes unappreciated by a lot of you jerks..

What a lot of you fail to understand is that this is not a game for most of us...We rely on this income whether to pay for our housing, school tuition, the raising of our kids, food, utilities, loans, cell phone bills, clothing for kids, kids school expenses, etc...So if you think we are in it just to make friends, network or to goof off with all the time we have well you are sadly mistaken...That is so far from the truth and if anyone believes that has the brain the size of a pea...

Don't be surprise if you contact a lady and she responds by telling you that the only way she will see you is that you send her a deposit because you have been blacklisted for No Call No Show and labeled a Time Waster...Which she is well within her rights to ask you that...

For all you who are into playing games here is a link just for you:

Purchase one of these which will probably run you the cost of a session and play with as much as you like...

I am just tired of little boys trying to play grown men games..Stick to wrapping your hands around a joystick and jerk that off..

This blog was inspired by the jerk off by the name of Jeff in Harrisburg PA..You have officially been blacklisted..Any ladies who are traveling to the Central PA who wants his information feel free to email me and I will forward it to you

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