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looking for lapetitechat...


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Blog posted 12/19/2006 @ 12:15 am  |  Leave a Comment

next year in Venice!

A favourite web page of mine:

The Realm of Venus: Ladies Clothing and Accesories in 16th Century Venice

"Welcome to the Realm of Venus, a site about the clothing and accessories of the women of sixteenth century Venice - courtesans and courtly noble ladies. Whether you are a costumer in SCA, theatre, film, or Renaissance Fairs, or if you are simply a lover of art or historical fashion, I hope you'll find inspiration on these pages."

I've been immensely inspired myself by the figure of the Renaissance Venetian courtesan, and it's something of an ideal for my own practice to aspire to. Starchild and I visited the Venetian casino/hotel/mall after the Vegas conference, and I fell into a very longing and humble sort of love with the sparkling versions of courtesan display that some of the female performers wore (why do nonsexual actresses get to dress up as courtesans but not actual sex workers?). I'm very jealous of anyone who's actually visited Venice. I see cities like Venice, Kyoto, Shanghai, as our holy sites, worthy of pilgrimages... and the most beautiful experience of my life was completed in Venice Beach, California. Some day I wish to visit the true Serene Republic.

If a few sex workers took to walking openly in the garb of traditional Venetian, or Greek, or Chinese, or Japanese courtesans, with the grace and dance and style and the mind to match, it could change the world.

And I'd simply kill to be able to walk in that sort of beauty and be recognised for it. And I want a society where the public image of sex worker is not the strung-out crack whore, with tattered fishnets covering a bruised ass-crack... nor a cold-smiled material girl of power and privilege, who stands proudly in her great achievement of possesing white skin and blonde hair... but a woman or man of intelligence, colour, passion, elan vital, open sexuality, and spiritual power. The question is whether we can build the institutions to make that again possible.


Blog posted 08/31/2006 @ 12:47 am  |  5 Comments  |  Leave a Comment

good sex

(yeah, you're all reading THIS one.)

Good sex is when you leave your on your garters and stiletto heels because they just prolong the feeling of the sex you just had all over your body.

11 orgasms tonight (no... *12* orgasms tonight). A free prayer session at the Church of St. Peter McWilliams (just as the wonderful man would have wanted it). $200 suggested donation. Enigma and rose light flowing through my body like waves. Life is good.

Yeah. Sex work is exploitation my cunt.


Blog posted 08/22/2006 @ 01:17 am  |  1 Comment  |  Leave a Comment

Kama of Kingston, contemporary devadasi

While surfing online I came across the page of one Kama of Kingston, a modern devadasi living in the United Kingdom.

From her web page:

"Who am I? Please call me Kama.

"I was dedicated as a child to a number Of Hindu deities of whom the Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva and the Lady Kama are my personal Gods. I practice a form of the Hindu Devadasi religion so giving pleasure to men is a part of my religious faith, please visit my personal shrine to learn more about why I want to serve you in this way.

"I am now in my early twenties and I am studying in London. I am very friendly and affectionate. I have a beautiful smile and I like to laugh. I also enjoy meeting new people.

"Like all Devadasi I am a capable traditional Singer and Dancer, although I would consider singing to be my stronger talent. I do not have room in my apartment to offer dance displays but during a 2hr Tantric appointment I can include various chants and songs on

"I am a size 6 or small 8, with firm slender build. My skin is soft and a brown sugar colour. I have small firm breasts and I am always clean shaven. I do not smoke or drink and I do not use drugs. I enjoy being with men. I am also a naturally submissive person so I enjoy being with men who like to be served.

"My greatest wish is to ensure the complete pleasure of the men with who I meet by being the perfect compliment to their lingam, both physically and spiritually. The experience of Tantric ecstasy can bring increased health and vigour to the mind, body and soul of any man who needs spiritual or physical renewal.

"Please note I now have a new Shiva and Parvati deity in my guest room and occasionally I will spend a few brief moments in mediation before some appointments begin, I would therefore appreciate your quiet understanding of my brief devotions."

I confess, the patriarchal slant she takes on sacred sex work makes me very uncomfortable- tho' I'm not at all sure this represents her complete worldview, and her web journal sounds distinctly more progressive. It is inspiring beyond words to see someone practicing a temple priestess tradition which has *not* been broken by persecution. The devadasi temples in India were only outlawed in 1988, and of course have not dissapeared overnight. Prostitution (but not the activities surrounding prostitution) is technically legal in the UK.

her blog:

I blush to note I found her web page on a vanity google for references to my own blog. I am quite honoured to find she read one of my SWOP pieces.


Blog posted 08/11/2006 @ 08:13 pm  |  1 Comment  |  Leave a Comment


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