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Sitting in my bedroom half naked waiting............

Iím all settled in and Iím enjoying the change of season, the chill in the air and colorful leaves. I do miss the warm weather of Texas, but am starting to learn to live with the cold. I know, I know, it hasnít gotten cold yet.
I have found a comfortable balance between my family, professional and personal lives, and have kept them separated. But every once in a while, by chance, they intermingle.

Iím a mother; football mom; soccer mom; pto mom (you should taste my homemade cookies)
I am a consulting project manager, professionally.
I am a constant student, yea; Iím still working on my masters.
I volunteer at a battered womenís shelter.
I am an avid reader, and spend a lot of time at book stores.
I work out 3 times a week.
I love to shop.
And the list goes onÖ.

My point being, we all have lives outside of the hobby right? So why is it that when you run into a client somewhere their brains turn to mush.
I was at my sonís football game on Sunday and happened to spot a client, and we made eye contact. Now, he was with his family as was I with mine. So no big deal right? Wrong.
I get an email from him yesterday, saying he doesnít think he will be seeing me again because if his wife ever found out she would ruin him. So I replied, ok I understand about discretion and if youíre not comfortable seeing me again thatís fine. (Iíve seen this guy 5 times; we clicked and had fun together)
Today I get another email from him:

You are my fantasy girlfriend. But seeing you dressed in normal clothes, out in public like a normal person has ruined the fantasy for me. I would still like to see you, Friday evening maybe, but you have to make sure I never see you in public again, only in the bedroom half naked. Get back to me and let me know if this arrangement will work for you.

Am I to call every time I leave my house to check and see if we might run into each other somewhere?
Or should I just sit waiting half naked in the bedroom and never leave waiting for him to see me?

My response:

There are no guarantees in life.

I will never understand why men think this is all we do, and have no life outside the bedroom.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I know I havenít posted in a while but Iíve been busy getting settled in and stuff. It took me forever to sort through my stuff and decided what to store and what to keep with me. Iím looking for a place to rent for in calls, but havenít found one yet. Same goes for a driver, but a friend that works for an agency put me in touch with one of their drivers. On a brighter note: the local hobbyists have welcomed me nicely and Iíve met some great guys (and some jerks). My site should be up soon, just need to take some new photos, and decided on a few more things. Also, I have found the perfect part time day job.

As much as I love New England and am content with my decision to move back to RI, I must say Iím not too happy with the weather. Why is it so cold so soon? And is the cold weather the reason that people are so cold and stand-offish. I remember when I first moved to Houston I thought the folks there strange because they were always smiling and speaking to me. Now I kind of miss that friendliness.

Sundays are my day of rest so Iím shutting down the computer for the rest of the day, ordering Chinese, and vegging out in front of the TV.

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Good bye Houston

Long weekend visiting friends I wonít see for a while, and saying good bye to some great coworkers Iíll probably never see again. It's funny how some people are only apart of our lives for a short period of time but impact us so deeply.

Well itís done. The house is sold, everyone got their shear and another family will be living here. I remember when we bought it how much I loved this house, and I know Iíll never find a house like this one in RI for the same price. I guess Iím feeling a little melancholy now that itís done.

My ex surprised me by asking if he could take the boys to Universal Studios for a week, then bring them to me in RI. I promised them we would take our road trip some other time. Iíll have 10 days before they get there; Iím looking forward to that. Iím staying at a friends house (sheís teaching in China) until I find a place of my own, and itís about 2 blocks from the ocean. I love spending time by myself and the ocean is one of my favorite places to be by myself.

This is my last night in the house, so I opened a bottle of Sabathiís Sauvignon Blanc, and Iím going to sit in the Jacuzzi for a while, and hit the sack early. The moving guys will be here at 7 and Iím flying out tomorrow night.

Blog posted 08/09/2005 @ 09:42 pm  |  1 Comment  |  Leave a Comment

Road trip and first overnight

The closing on my house is Monday the 8th! Iíve scheduled the movers to come next Wednesday, I have most of our stuff boxed up already and Iím donating a lot of stuff to a womenís shelter. It will be nice to close this chapter in my life.

Iíve decided instead of flying to RI, to take the boys on a road trip across country making stops at different places we want to see. It should be fun, and I donít think weíll get another chance to do something like this again.

I went on my first over night last night. I've seen this guy twice before, he's very submissive; into wearing bras, panties and stockings; likes to be told what to do in bed, you know the type. We had a late dinner, went to a couple strip clubs. I got one of the best lap dances from this yummy little 19 year old. He got a room and he says he loves the way I ride him, but I think I was probably a little over zealous as I kept thinking of the little hottie from the strip club.

Blog posted 08/05/2005 @ 01:14 pm  |  1 Comment  |  Leave a Comment



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Sitting in my bedroom half naked waiting............

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Good bye Houston

Road trip and first overnight

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