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Rant: God Men..I Swear Sometime...

You know I love you but sometimes. Last night I get this e mail.

Brad [[email protected]]
You look like you would be one costly dinner date! lol How much would it cost to have you jack my nuts off all over those chocolate titties?


I responded with the natural response I give with those kinds of e mails.

I would never see you to start with.


And I don't see guys like that. Then he responds with:

Brad [[email protected]]
lol, Especially if I were under you! lmfao!!!!!!


Now I do get e mails like that and I just find it so disrespectful most guys apologize and end up being really nice. But you have those few who her just plain jack asses. There are just no other ways to describe. Sometimes it's hard to believe guys still resort to such childish tactics.

Some guys can be so sweet and nice. They treat you with respect and diginity. You guys know who you are. And I appreciate you all. I have no respect for guys like the above. If I had said Oh yea baby bring it on. He would have been all over it. Because I shot him down he had to be an asshole.

Ok I'm done. I have to go finish my taxes. I just needed to get that out.

Kisses, Amaya

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