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My last one has now departed

My Bichon named Angel passed away about 2 weeks ago of Kidney failure. She suddenly took ill and within 4 days she couldn't even stand up, wouldn't eat and she died.
My house is so empty without a dog. Those of you who have dogs know what I'm talking about.
I may get another dog but not for some time.
I'm forcing myself to walk at least a mile a day although my hand feels empty without a leash on it. My guy paid all of Angels final vet bills.

My jet setter daughter is going back to South Beach (Miami) this holiday weekend. Specials on Sunday and Monday evening. I may be out during the day Monday but will be in by early evening. Check with me first.

I'm going to visit my b/f or s/daddy once my daughter comes back and he and I are taking a trip to a city neither of us has been to.
We plan on taking a few more trips this summer and next spring to Europe.

Have a great and safe holiday weekend.

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My jet setter daughter was in Hollywood for a few days. They did the Jimmy Kimmel show and Ellen DeGeneres show. Also, Beverly Hills, Universal studios and some other studio watched as 2 broke girls was being filmed. Santa Monica pier and the ocean also Rodeo Drive. They did quite a bit and a couple night clubs and she and one of her girlfriends had there photo taken with a movie star at this night club.

The week prior she went to South Beach again and she enjoys Miami.

She is taking me out to dinner today. We did a Bulls game at the United Center a few weeks ago.
Had a great time.

This wonderful man is still taking care of all my bills and has given me 3 credit cards. I'm going to visit him at his home in the near future.

Anyhow, mom's enjoy your day!!!!!

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Happy Easter

Just a brief note sending Easter greetings to all.

My daughter is going to L.A. with 3 friends and also booked another trip to Miami with one of her friends.
Perhaps I can get away for a few days in May.

My boyfriend or the man who takes care of me just gave me some more shares of stock. Better to have stocks then chocolate Easter eggs. He also bought me a new leather sofa for my living room.

I filed my income taxes about a week ago thank goodness that's over with.

Hope everyone has a great week.

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You can thank me for bringing the warm temps back with me

Another winter in Las Vegas has ended and here I am back in Chicago.
It was a interesting winter. My daughter visited me once alone at Christmas and then in February with 3 friends of hers. I survived that ordeal. Actually it was interesting and I learned the only cities for the best parties/clubs are Miami-LA-Vegas and NYC.

My boyfriend sugar daddy was down in January and I'm still a kept women. He pays all my bills for me. He just paid my Illinois property taxes as well as my mortgage and electric bill. Thank you if your reading this. He found my blog so now he reads them. I met him on Eros so I will not or can not advertise on that site anymore as he doesn't want me working. He has been wonderful to me giving me the 25K along with stocks and buying or repairing things in my home here in Chicago.

We're planning on going on some vacations to Finland-Costa Rica and some cruises and Europe.
My comma is stuck!

Weird phone call in Vegas. I received a phone call from a man and it was a wrong number. He claimed he liked my voice and kept talking. It was a LA number.
Anyhow he called several times and he is the son of a very famous movie actor. His father (the actor) is deceased. He himself is in the entertainment industry but not to the extent of his dad. He text me now and then from Europe. From Germany and Paris-etc. How a wrong number can turn into a friendship. lol

This insane women who has been jealous of me decided to get a boob job. She was totally flat and the idiot had hers done to about a B or very small C cup.
If you wanted so much to be like me dumb ass you should of went bigger as they still look small.

My daughter is going to LA in May with friends. This girl of mine travels so much. I'm very proud of her as she has a good job and lots of friends and is so adventurous. However she shops too much! Wonder where she got that from? lol

Have a great week! My blogs will be very vanilla.

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My last one has now departed


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You can thank me for bringing the warm temps back with me

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