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I possibly saved a mans life

As you know if you read my blogs that I have a sugar daddy. He was married for years and his wife died. I met him in Vegas last winter. Anyhow, I recently went to his home for a couple days as he gave me some stock's a ring and named me beneficiary on a policy. BY THE WAY HE JUST BOUGHT ME ANOTHER 100 shares of another stock.
Let me get on with the story. I'm at his house and he is on the phone with someone. I say, are you ready to leave yet? The person on the phone hears me and says, "what's going on there?" I go downstairs and the phone goes to answering machine and I hear a female voice saying, "get that bitch out of my house!" I pick up the phone she says,
who is this? I'm a Chicago gal and you don't call me a bitch!
Me-his girlfriend
her-I'm his wife
me-he's not married
She calls several more times and he doesn't answer then finally he does and he tells her THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE AND I WANT A DIVORCE LEAVE ME ALONE. etc
He owns 4 homes and she doesn't live with him. He found me and had only been married 6 months so he surely wasn't happy with his choice. He was lonely after loosing his wife of many years.

He lied to me and has been married for 1 year. I'm not in love with him and he is paying all my bills so I don't really care if he is married.

About a week ago were on the phone and I ask him her name again. I do a search on her and OMG!
My guy is her 5th husband and he knew this but I find out she tried to kill her last husband. She hired a hit-man who turned out to be a under cover cop and she was arrested. She did a year in jail and 4 years probation.
I email him the article and now he has contacted a attorney as he didn't know this. Now he can get a annulment. He is so grateful to me as she could of tried to kill him also. A real black widow!

Nothing else new here. He gave me a credit card and I have a thousand a month spending allowance and he still pays my mortgage, gas, electric and phone bills.

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Back from my vacation out east

I sit looking at this Ira Change of Beneficiary and Indemnification form and as I told my friend Lynn its about as worthless as me owning the Empire State building. Its worth 100,000 thousand dollars but he could change his mind many times prior to his death.

However, the 4,500 dollars of Charles Schwab stocks is mine. THAT IS IN MY NAME AND TRANSFERRED TO ME AND HE OR NOBODY CAN TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME.
I also received a diamond and ruby ring that was his wife's and about 1,700 in checks and cash so will count my trip's profit as 6,200 in cash and the ring. I should mention he has about 900,000 thousand in stocks. I hope to get more stocks from him as he lied to me about something.

I had a nice time we went gambling and out to dinner every night. My daughter is still in Miami and should be returning shortly.

Hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend.

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New Pics

My daughter is going to Miami with some girlfriends for Labor Day weekend.

I may have to go to my sugar daddies the weekend prior to Labor Day. I want to go but I don't want to go. He lives in a state further east from here.
He's done so much for me between vet bills, paid my auto insurance for 6 months, my home-owners, my water bill, funds for me getting my hair done and other things. Also, tomorrow a contractor who he paid for is coming to replace my door, build a shelf in my kitchen, replace some of my fence and my fascia. Besides he is putting some of his stocks in my name so I will have a steady income.
I barely webcam at all anymore as its a job that gals just don't make much money on and its degrading. The main reason I have done it is to prove that I have a regular job as its legal and I file income tax annually. I love escorting as its so much fun and I love sex and the money is a million times more then webcam work.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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I received a email from a man with a 917---- phone number a Mark S made me a very good offer about attending a social event with him dinner and cocktails for a large sum of money. I put the number in and it came up in a least 10 searches as a scammer, time waster, con man. etc Ladies you really need to join and use this site if you sense something doesn't feel right.

I just emailed him and said, I will not be able to attend the function with him and hope he finds someone else. I didn't tell him that I did my homework on him just that I couldn't make it.
If you get a offer that's too good to be true it probably is.

I will stick with my nice regular clients that I have and my 2 sugar daddies. One of them just paid my property taxes for me. Its a shame there is no chemistry on my end with these sd guys. Why can't I get a sugar daddy who looks good too? You can't have everything now can we?

I'm doing great will be around for awhile today although it may be tempting to go to the beach for awhile later on in the day. May be too hot though?

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