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80 yesterday and today high of 76

I so love this weather here in Vegas during the winters. I've become spoiled and do not think that I could ever spend another winter in Chicago again.
This is my 5th year being away.

My daughter is coming for a few days with 3 girlfriends from Chicago next weekend. This should be interesting. I will probably stay out quite a bit if I'm not given my privacy. It should be fun.
I will see how it goes.

Anyhow, I will be back to the cold Chicago weather next month. I dread it as it will probably be in the 30's and its hard to go from going out with no coat during the day to wearing a fur again! Oh my!

Consider this a vanilla blog. I will take some more outdoor photos while the weather is great. This one was taken indoors. Lets hope my bed is not outside.

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Anyhow it was a nice afternoon going to Red Rock and don't forget Hoover Damn and Lake Mead.
Its best to rent a car or bring one with you.
Also, you can helicopter over to Arizona and check out the Grand Canyon.

The man who is taking care of me paid my Feb rent, electric bill along with giving me money to gamble and my mortgage back in Chicago. Its great being spoiled. He's done so much for me. The banker did a lot but not 25K in one day.

Hope its not too cold in Chicago.

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More to Vegas then the strip and Freemont street

My sugar daddy was here for 5 days and we dined out every night and gambled. On his last day here we decided to do some sight seeing.

17 miles from Vegas is Red Rock Canyon its a 13 mile scenic drive. People get out and hike, bike or drive through. We did both drive and walk.

There are plants native to the Mojave Desert and the big Red Rock Canyon along with mountains. Some people don't know that Vegas is in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and lots of desert.
Here you may catch a glimpse of wild horses, burros, rattlesnakes, venomous spiders or a tortoise.

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I received a email from a man with a 917---- phone number a Mark S made me a very good offer about attending a social event with him dinner and cocktails for a large sum of money. I put the number in and it came up in a least 10 searches as a scammer, time waster, con man. etc Ladies you really need to join and use this site if you sense something doesn't feel right.

I just emailed him and said, I will not be able to attend the function with him and hope he finds someone else. I didn't tell him that I did my homework on him just that I couldn't make it.
If you get a offer that's too good to be true it probably is.

I will stick with my nice regular clients that I have and my 2 sugar daddies. One of them just paid my property taxes for me. Its a shame there is no chemistry on my end with these sd guys. Why can't I get a sugar daddy who looks good too? You can't have everything now can we?

I'm doing great will be around for awhile today although it may be tempting to go to the beach for awhile later on in the day. May be too hot though?

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80 yesterday and today high of 76


More to Vegas then the strip and Freemont street love it

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