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Anyhow it was a nice afternoon going to Red Rock and don't forget Hoover Damn and Lake Mead.
Its best to rent a car or bring one with you.
Also, you can helicopter over to Arizona and check out the Grand Canyon.

The man who is taking care of me paid my Feb rent, electric bill along with giving me money to gamble and my mortgage back in Chicago. Its great being spoiled. He's done so much for me. The banker did a lot but not 25K in one day.

Hope its not too cold in Chicago.

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More to Vegas then the strip and Freemont street

My sugar daddy was here for 5 days and we dined out every night and gambled. On his last day here we decided to do some sight seeing.

17 miles from Vegas is Red Rock Canyon its a 13 mile scenic drive. People get out and hike, bike or drive through. We did both drive and walk.

There are plants native to the Mojave Desert and the big Red Rock Canyon along with mountains. Some people don't know that Vegas is in a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains and lots of desert.
Here you may catch a glimpse of wild horses, burros, rattlesnakes, venomous spiders or a tortoise.

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I'm still here in Vegas and we had a real cold spell for the last couple days. Reminded me of Chicago.
However we are going back into the 60's which feel like 70 next week.

My daughter was here for Christmas and we did the tourist thing. We went to the shark exhibit at Mandalay Bay and had dinner there and did some gambling.
We viewed the Christmas decorations at the Bellagio and had dinner there and did some more gambling on the second night.
We also went to the Venetian and some Cactus forest in Green Valley. We did Ceasar's Palace and had brunch at Serendipity.

One evening we were at this casino and we were sitting near the sports book. Neither of us have ever bet on a game so we asked the bartender how it works. He told us the Bulls have to win by 11pts for us to win. We both bet on the game and the Bulls won by 20 and we doubled our money.

My daughter went to some nightclubs alone until the wee morning hours searching for the perfect spots to take her friend when she returns in February.

I'm still a kept woman via this man who is in love with me. Last month charged 2,100 to his credit card. He paid my Dec and January rent here along with my Cox cable bill. I purchase all my gas, groceries and clothes on his tab along with going out to dinner. I haven't spent any of my own money.
This is great for me. I'm getting spoiled. the 2,100 was only for clothes, shoes, the fur which I bought prior to leaving to come out here. I know am spending so much money but its like a addiction. Its hard to stop.


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Back home in my second city

I'm here in Las Vegas again. This is my 5th year being down here. Photo of me taken outside this morning. Yesterday it was 70 and when I took this photo is was about 65. However, there 65 feels like 75 no wind.

The trip down here was a adventure. The man who has been taking care of me (25,0000 & stocks) drove me down. We stopped to get gas and use the rest room in Springfield, Missouri. We are going back to interstate 44 west. It was just getting dark out and instead of going up the ramp to the interstate
he drove down into a ditch! I was furious (my car is still new) called my insurance for a tow. Sat in the ditch for about a hour and the tow truck came.
They towed us to a garage as the right front tire was flat. So he buys the new tire and we go to a motel for the night. I screamed at him "you stupid idiot!" Anyhow, we drove the next day and the following day and my car had no bumper. It fell off in the ditch. Anyhow, got to Vegas put my car in the auto body shop and he paid my 1,000 deductible.
Now my car is back to new. Nice and shinny with a new bumper.

My daughter informed me she is flying down for Christmas as well as coming with a friend in February. We are so close guess she misses her mommy. lol Knowing her she is up to something and I have a feeling I know what it is. I'm not sure that will be another blog. I have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a Jacuzzi bath tub in the master bath. Also, a wet bar and 2 black leather sofas in my living room along with 3 televisions. Not as big as my home in Chicago but a cozy and upscale building.

I'm settled in my new place just seen regulars so far. Am going to place my ad up soon.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday incase I don't blog again until after x-mas.

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