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Back home in my second city

I'm here in Las Vegas again. This is my 5th year being down here. Photo of me taken outside this morning. Yesterday it was 70 and when I took this photo is was about 65. However, there 65 feels like 75 no wind.

The trip down here was a adventure. The man who has been taking care of me (25,0000 & stocks) drove me down. We stopped to get gas and use the rest room in Springfield, Missouri. We are going back to interstate 44 west. It was just getting dark out and instead of going up the ramp to the interstate
he drove down into a ditch! I was furious (my car is still new) called my insurance for a tow. Sat in the ditch for about a hour and the tow truck came.
They towed us to a garage as the right front tire was flat. So he buys the new tire and we go to a motel for the night. I screamed at him "you stupid idiot!" Anyhow, we drove the next day and the following day and my car had no bumper. It fell off in the ditch. Anyhow, got to Vegas put my car in the auto body shop and he paid my 1,000 deductible.
Now my car is back to new. Nice and shinny with a new bumper.

My daughter informed me she is flying down for Christmas as well as coming with a friend in February. We are so close guess she misses her mommy. lol Knowing her she is up to something and I have a feeling I know what it is. I'm not sure that will be another blog. I have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a Jacuzzi bath tub in the master bath. Also, a wet bar and 2 black leather sofas in my living room along with 3 televisions. Not as big as my home in Chicago but a cozy and upscale building.

I'm settled in my new place just seen regulars so far. Am going to place my ad up soon.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday incase I don't blog again until after x-mas.

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Leaving after Thanksgiving

Gentlemen if you want to see me am still available on Monday 9-6p.m. and Tues and Wed morning only from 9-1p.m. Then its the holidays and off to Vegas after that.

The man who is in love with me and gave me the 25k
also deposited my rent for Vegas for the month of December. He will be staying with me the first few days at my Vegas condo. I won't put up my ad until about the 10th or so. After he leaves will see regular clients first and then there's un-packing and groceries to get along with cable and internet man coming so my first week is always just getting settled and going out to dinner and gambling. Last year the banker this year my CPA who is very generous.

I bought myself a new sheared beaver fur jacket on his credit card last week and paid for Angel's vet visit and enough medicine to last her through the winter.

Last Sunday my daughter and I went to a movie and out to dinner. She shows me photos of her desk at work with streamers, balloons and a sign saying
CONGRATULATIONS. She got a promotion and raise after being at her current position for a year.
I'm so blessed to have a daughter who has been on the deans list several times in college along with a A student most of her grade school and high school life. With the exception of her junior year when her grades fell due to a boy she was dating. She has matured and we get along well.

Enjoy the winter and I hope its not as bad as last years was according to people.
I will do a occasional overnight appointment in Vegas if anyone is coming down that way.

Happy Holidays!

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25,000 dollars

I needed 25,000 dollars for something and my sugar daddy the one whom I met in Vegas put 10,000 in my bank last week and the other 15,000 on Monday.
I was with the banker a year and done with him-bankers are frugal. It would of taken me 5 months to get this amount from him.

This is the same man who married the woman who went to jail for attempted murder. He is the most generous man that I have known with the exception of someone years ago. Its a shame there is no chemistry on my part for him.

Anyhow, went to the bank and got a cashiers check and gave the cashiers check to whom it was intended so its gone now. I'm spending on myself.

Nothing much else new. Usually spend 1 weekend afternoon with my daughter going out to diner.
He paid for my daughter's airline ticket as she is going to visit me with one of her old college room mates this winter in Vegas. I got a kick out of her telling her friends "we can stay at my moms place in Vegas for free." She tried to get 3 girlfriends to come but only 1 is coming with her. There just coming for a few days.

This lingerie that I have on in this photo is from him also.

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I possibly saved a mans life

As you know if you read my blogs that I have a sugar daddy. He was married for years and his wife died. I met him in Vegas last winter. Anyhow, I recently went to his home for a couple days as he gave me some stock's a ring and named me beneficiary on a policy. BY THE WAY HE JUST BOUGHT ME ANOTHER 100 shares of another stock.
Let me get on with the story. I'm at his house and he is on the phone with someone. I say, are you ready to leave yet? The person on the phone hears me and says, "what's going on there?" I go downstairs and the phone goes to answering machine and I hear a female voice saying, "get that bitch out of my house!" I pick up the phone she says,
who is this? I'm a Chicago gal and you don't call me a bitch!
Me-his girlfriend
her-I'm his wife
me-he's not married
She calls several more times and he doesn't answer then finally he does and he tells her THIS IS NOT YOUR HOUSE AND I WANT A DIVORCE LEAVE ME ALONE. etc
He owns 4 homes and she doesn't live with him. He found me and had only been married 6 months so he surely wasn't happy with his choice. He was lonely after loosing his wife of many years.

He lied to me and has been married for 1 year. I'm not in love with him and he is paying all my bills so I don't really care if he is married.

About a week ago were on the phone and I ask him her name again. I do a search on her and OMG!
My guy is her 5th husband and he knew this but I find out she tried to kill her last husband. She hired a hit-man who turned out to be a under cover cop and she was arrested. She did a year in jail and 4 years probation.
I email him the article and now he has contacted a attorney as he didn't know this. Now he can get a annulment. He is so grateful to me as she could of tried to kill him also. A real black widow!

Nothing else new here. He gave me a credit card and I have a thousand a month spending allowance and he still pays my mortgage, gas, electric and phone bills.

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