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Finally a decent warm day

I enjoyed days warmer then this all winter and to finally have one here.

This one older, short, heavy set man has seen some friends of mine or tries to and he is never satisfied. He blames the gals or myself and the reason he cant have intercourse is because his stomach is too big and if he lost weight he would find his penis. He hasn't told me this but he emails me or fishes for information on other women and he is a complainer doesn't always keep his appointments and I will not give him a reference. He is sneaky oh well Mr. Italy can't help you anymore.

This Friday night am doing evening appointments so anyone who wants to visit after 6p.m. you best do it this Friday. I may offer a discount just for Friday night.

I went shopping with my Chicago sugar daddy this weekend and the other guy Mr. Duos gift was a ruby necklace with diamond chips. I'm wearing it in photo below.

Go Bulls! You probably can't see it in that photo but the others it may be visible.

Hope everyone enjoyed our brief warm spell.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day (early)

I'm going out with my Chicago banker sugar daddy today for corned beef and cabbage and cocktails. My property tax bill came while I was still in Vegas and was due March 1st. I wasn't here to attend to it so he is giving me a check for my taxes today and the small late charge and I will go to the bank and pay it next week.

Now, sugar daddy number 2 (Mr. Deena Duos) asked me for my checking account number to deposit funds into.
He already did a deposit last week but deleted my account number due to a nosey employee. Thank God these two don't both live in Chicago. I'd be like one on Friday night the other on Saturday or Sunday. He also is sending me a gift in the mail, dying to see what it could be and his taste.

Photo of me in Vegas taken by one of my friends by the Gondola's at the Venetian. I go to the Venetian quite often as well as the Tuscany, Ceaser's and Hilton and the Hard Rock are my main hangs.
Makes me sad if I were there today could be out with friends at the dog park then go out casino hopping in the warm weather. At least am going out today.
Closed for appointments today.

Have a nice holiday to all my Irish friends!

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The Long Way Home!

I arrived back here in Chicago yesterday. The road trip which normally takes 2 1/2 days or 3 days took 6 days. Ran into some bad weather and Apricot took ill. He had to be admitted to a hospital overnight.
Then, 2 nights later he had to be re-admitted to another vet. We couldn't get a early start. We had to wait for his discharge so we didn't get on the road until 11:a.m. The vet bills for a overnight stay were rather high. Thanks to this new man who has entered my life he took care of all the vet bills, gas, motels and took me shopping along the way home. Mr. Duos (I will call him that) does not live in Illinois so he had to fly to Vegas to drive me and fly back from Chicago to his state.

This man has seen Kayla Klevage, Elizabeth Starr one or two times however, he was in a long relationship with Deena Duos. He met me in Vegas in January and did a 4 hour appointment. Came back again in February for another session. I did have a local Vegas man who would of took me home however, the x of Deena Duos insisted he would take me. I'm so glad we met as he is generous, compassionate and it looks like I have 2 sugar daddies now. Some men have been texting and calling along with emailing me for appointments on my way home. Little did you know my situation.

I will see some regular clients if the timing is right. I do have to hand feed Apricot every 3 hours and squirt water in his mouth as he can't drink on his own at this point. I'm going to his Chicago vet tomorrow. My dog is 17 years and 4 months old and he is failing unless, he bounces back.

I may put up a ad next week or sooner. Right now Apricot is more important. However, if you've seen me before you can try call and if I'm free will see you. Slight price change for a small number of men. Actually only about 3 or 4 of you this will apply to.
It is a increase. I will inform you if your one of these men once you make a definite date.

I left 75 degree temps to come home to light snow flurries. One of my clients has some mansions he rents out for a very high price. He also has some
smaller properties and told me I could stay in one of his 4,500 square feet guest houses for a week or two for free. I had to decline due to my new friend and chauffer and Apricots health. I'm glad that I didn't stay as all his emergency vet bills were paid for and my new jewelry and the check he gave me on my last day with him. Now to see my Chicago sugar daddy this weekend weather permitting.

I will put up a ad when I'm ready for new clients.

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Its a beautiful 74 degrees here in Las Vegas and tomorrow its going up to 79-80 for Saturday and Sunday. I sure am going to miss this weather returning to Chicago sometime next month. Ick!
We probably won't see 74 or 80 until May.

A few of you guys who have called me at 9a.m.Chicago time remember its only 7a.m. here. Las Vegas is on Pacific time just like California.

I still have my sugar daddy even though he is not here today to take me out. However, he sends me checks every month since I have been here.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ALL! I'm going out to gamble in a few hours and have some fun.

Photo of me on my balcony in the land of Palm trees and the desert flowers and dandelion weeds are already blooming here. Love it!

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