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Halloween is around the corner and my daughter

is going to South Beach next Saturday for the (I've lost count on her trips to South Beach) besides she went to L.A., Atlanta and Memphis again to visit old friends.

Gentlemen, next Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon and evening also Monday day and evening will be having in calls to 9p.m. This is mainly for you guys who can't make it here by 6p.m.
That's the 31st, Nov 1st, Nov 2 and Nov 3rd. However, the 3rd may be booked up already for the evening. My wealthy man does not live in our area so I still need sex.

I'm still a kept woman by the same wealthy man. He maintains a comfortable life style for me and at times a lavish lifestyle. I ordered my passport so hopefully next year we can begin doing some serious travel among other things. He paid for my passport, property taxes, mortgage and all my insurance and utility bills. etc and I have 3 credit cards and I spend about 2-3,000 a month on personal needs.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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Have a Safe Labor Day!

Nothing much new here with myself. My daughter was in Memphis last weekend and later this month she is going to Atlanta for a few days. This girl travels so much its insane. I did my 2 vacations to the keys and New Orleans and she is way ahead of me. I'm waiting on my passport for next year. College really paid off for her and a mother who lets her live here for free hasn't hurt either.

I Have a fit bit a little device you wear on your wrist and it tracks your walking distance. I've been wearing it since July. It was a birthday gift from my daughter.
I had been walking at least 2-5 miles per day on a daily basis. Since my dog passed away having no pets made me lazy so the fit bit got me active again.
However, I somehow injured my ankle and have tendonitis and my walking is limited again. I have physical therapy 2-3x a week. I'm still being a kept woman and am thankful for that. I can still have sex the ankle doesn't stop that!

Hope you all stay healthy and have a great day!

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Available in the evenings.......briefly


My daughter is in Miami again and I was able to do in calls yesterday and today. Such a nice hot weekend here for a change. Yes, I'm still a kept woman and shopping too much. I love being spoiled.

Monday and Tuesday night available for in calls day and evening to 9p.m. just reminding you as I did in my last ad. Verification a must, text only answered from previous clients and no blocked calls.

Enjoy the air and water show!

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I was as far south as Cairo Egypt

Just returned from another vacation. Last month New Orleans and this July the Florida Keys-Key Largo and Key west. Key west is unlike anyplace you have ever been. Its very expensive even in the off season. Few properties for sale and nothing under 1.5 million dollars.

I went on a glass bottom boat seen the coral reef along with beautiful variety of fish. I went on a jet ski it was so fun! We toured Ernest Hemingway's home along with President Truman's little white house. Photo below. They did not allow photo taking inside of President Truman's home. Only the outside. Walked down the famous Duval street and the resort we stayed at was simply grand. Photo of pool of resort and due to the extreme heat a lot of my time was spent in the pool.

Fine dining every evening and the best Key Lime Pie in the world! What can I say it was a wonderful experience.

I plan to be in Chicago the remainder of August. I think my daughter is going back to Miami mid August.
I'm available during weekday hours my home.

Its like every 3-4 weeks am off on another vacation.
Next year it will be all Europe. I've been to every state in the us except Washington state, Oregon ,Idaho, Rhode island, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Have not done Alabama nor Alaska either nor Atlantic city. What's next? Not sure.

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Halloween is around the corner and my daughter

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Available in the evenings.......briefly

I was as far south as Cairo Egypt

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