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I am an admitted fan of the "Best of" section of Craigslist. I happened across this post earlier today and thought I would share with you all.



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Exit Only

I'm in the throws of website creation. I am sort of piecing it all together and am having a time of it.

This evenings project (this was my hot sat night)consisted of welcome page design. Pretty simple really as it consists of a disclaimer and an Enter and Exit button. This proved to take a tad longer than anticipated, but I accomplished it. Two shiny buttons, there for the pushing. The enter button is linked to my intro page, but the exit button, well that could entail anything, Joy!

So I was compelled to do a bit of recon work and see where some of the other ladies exit buttons lead. It's been amusing to say the least.

Check some out for yourself!

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Do as your told

So I was scolded this evening by another blogger for not having posted a blog in such a long time. I only previously submitted two blogs, doubt anyone recalls them since its been a tad over a year now. But, alas I am here to share my thoughts with the world. A curious thing it is to have an 'audience', and I'll try not to disappoint. I'll admit that when I scour the internet, I often read rather than impart my opinions, thoughts, advice or whathaveyou. Suppose its time to change that. Thanks B for being the catalyst and encouraging me to blog once more.

My understanding is that there is a blogging party in March that is not to be missed. Since I was already planning a trip that way in March, perhaps I'll make it sync with the party. Being a cat lover myself, I wouldn't want to pass up the chance to meet Kwasi's dear ones.

Examining the title of "Do as your told", I'm left with a few thoughts; social obedience, defiance, consequences, acceptance. Recently I was watching an episode of a show on HBO: Big Love. I'm sure most are familiar as least with the premise. An episode or two back I was intently watching, getting caught up in the story line (neurobiology suggests that we have a region in our brain called the "mirror center", which allows us to view other humans and read them to such a degree that psyiologically we interpret and literally feel what we witness) and the characters were feeling persecution for their families choice of practicing polygamy. Shunned, misunderstood and made to be (even if in their own minds) pariahs of society, they were on the verge of being outed to their community. The story develops beyond this point, but while watching these characters I sided with their plight. I didn't arrive at an epiphany or the like, but could easily make parallels in their fight to be accepted and mine as well.

This would be a great time to say thanks to all the other women that participate in this board and shed some light on a wonderful industry I happen to be a part of. Ideally I would like to live in Utopia, but alas such a place doesn't exist. Perhaps in my own mind, but bending thoughts in such a fashion to create an illusion of, even in my own mind, Utopia has proven so far to be impossible. Reminicient of Pan's labyrinth.

One a similar note, just want to say thanks again to all that put in much effort to establish communities of acceptance and support within this industry. Its wonderful to be associated with you all.

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