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I Kissed A Girl...

and I really, really enjoyed it. It began as simple experimentation when I was much younger. My BFF and I would touch each other and pretend what it was like to kiss a boy. We use to do it everywhere - dressing rooms, bathrooms, overnights at her house. We almost got caught one time. I felt something spark each time and that has never changed to this day...

I love everything about women. They have such soft skin. They smell amazing. Kissing is a sensual, erotic act. I love the responsive, supple nipples and their tight, wet kitties. The way they sound when they cum against me.

A woman knows all the right buttons to push. She knows how to tease and then dive in pushing you over the edge. I have never been complete with just female attention though. This is why threesomes are ideal.

I love the feel of a hard cock inside my tight pussy (although don't get me wrong some of my girlfriends have toys that feel similar to one) :-)~ I love feeling multiple hands roaming over my body. Switching back and forth between both partners.

If you have not tried a threesome and you are curious I strongly suggest trying it. It is one of my favorite and most satisfying experiences.

I have several sexxxy friends I love to play with both local and that travel to St Louis. There is no faking at all. I choose ladies that I have great chemistry with to give you the best experience possible.

Everyone has many positive reviews on many top rated sites (The Erotic Review, ECCIE, Naughty Reviews, Rate That Provider, etc.). Safe and discreet.

Dallas Storm
A Busty Blonde MILF
Uninhibited and lots of fun!

Destiny Monroe
Upbeat and lots of fun. We have fantastic chemistry together and she is a great kisser.

Find her on

Dallas Rain - Available When Touring STL
Kinky Doesn't Even Begin To Describe It.
Nikki For Fun
Limited Availablity - She is Dominate And I am Submissive. 2 BBW's for your pleasure.
My Nubian Goddess

New Pictures Cumming Soon - Slender, Nice Round Apple Bottom. A Petite Package With Smooth Skin and Pencil Eraser Nipples - B Cup.
An Upscale UTR Provider. Tall, Slender. Enhanced D cup. Beautiful hair and Make-up. Manicured hands and feet. She smells amazing and really knows how to please.

Cute and Sweet. Slender Body. Adorable voice. The total package.

Notice is needed for a Tavia & Nikki Duo but it's worth it!
Contact me for more information and to arrange a fantasy playdate of your choice...

We can host. Please have a reference available. We love when our previous friends cum back for repeat performances.

See you soon...



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Get Down On Your Hands & Knees...

No, It's not what you are thinking. :-)~

We are talking about cleaning today. I have been scrubbing, I mean deep cleaning my incall all weekend. Not only does it look shiny and clean but it smells amazing.

Clients notice this. One of the best compliments I can get, other than they had a great time, was that I have a nice place. This doesn't just apply to girls that work out of residential settings - it goes for hotels too.

*Have clean towels on hand.

*Change the sheets & pillowcases.

*Put in a fresh liner for the trash cans.

*Make sure your dirty linens/trash are put away where they are not noticeable.

*Smoke outside or put away ashtrays. Burn candles if you smoke inside or just to create ambiance. Put them AWAY from the nightstand though to avoid accidental fires/mishaps.

*Scrub the toilet/shower. Put away feminine products. Trust me, they don't want to see that.

*Have refreshments on hand - even if it is just to offer them a glass of water, soda, juice, whatever.

I am amazed at the reviews I see where the guy came over to find dirty towels (or none at all), dirty sheets, and a general mess. Your clients are special. You want them to return. They appreciate a nice, clean incall and will be sure to make note of it. The same goes for if it is messy.

Just an hour or two of your time can make repeat visits and new clients very happy. The small things matter - make it count. First impressions are everything.

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A Bad Attitude Isn't Sexy

A few months ago I saw a tweet that was aimed at how I was advertising. I let it slide.

Then yesterday I saw one telling anyone that was offering a certain kind of special (one I was running) that they could fuck off.

Obviously there are girls that think their pussy is worth 300 or 400. More power to them. If your bills are paid and you are happy so be it. I am not living your life and it is not my choice to make.

We obviously are not going to have the same clientele. It doesn't make you better than I am.

Just like it is not your choice to decide what prices I set for mine. You do not live my life. I do what pays my bills, rent, and puts food on my table.

And I do it with a smile. A wise lady once told me when I was working the massage parlor "Honey, don't worry bout what them other girls say. Look at your hand. You are holding money. Look at their hand. Empty. See, you are richer than they are."

I may ask for things occasionally but it is because I do have gentlemen that help me out. They aren't mind readers. Sometimes it is the only way I have to contact them (via Twitter or Blog).

I am not bitter or snarky. I am grateful to everyone who is in my life. I got the best PM from someone last week that just said thank you for wishing him a Happy Birthday and for being so helpful on the message boards. That made my whole day. It was just a few sentences but sometimes it is the little things that makes life brighter. Positivity attracts positivity. I truly believe that.

So if I bother you so much there is a simple button called "unfollow". No one is forcing you to read my board posts or read my tweets.



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Major Happy Blog....It's About Time!

Well I figured it was time for an update...a purely positive one.

Life is fucking fantastic.

I moved in with a friend. Huge house with lots of land - my dog (which I got to keep here!) absolutely loves it. She gets to run and roll around in the grass.

I am soooo much happier and making good breakthroughs with the anxiety. I'm still not where I want to be but baby steps.

Incall - I have a fabulous new location - an online friend was sweet enough to help me get this super soft memory foam mattress I picked out. It is private and safe. I am so glad to be out of hotels/motels. No more worrying about staff, guests or cleanliness.

I am back and better than ever. Wanna see the results in person? I am available daily - just call my new number 314-643-6004 (I still have that pesky Verizon bill that needs paid but I have other priorities I have to take care of first so my 1775# is on hiatus at the moment).

Specials for the month of December!

My Reviews: <---- A "5-star" Experience <--- Brand New Review!

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Hope to see you soon. For those I can't...Happy Holidays and many blessings to you. <3 <3 <3

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