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Always Believe Half Of What You Read...

So today I went on a venture looking for a specific picture a friend requested. I knew what time frame (around 2003ish) that is was taken - so I used my phone number at the time. Boy was I surprised by what I found. There was a site when you can "Join" to read recent reviews of me - here is the problem - its all OLD outdated information. The reviews on there say I doubled with Jenna just this year. Nope! Just a shill site trying to get money/hits.

If you want accurate information my current phone number is 314-643-6004. My email address is [email protected] and my website is Http://

You can find me on Twitter @nikkiofstlouis and I am on P411 too :) Date-Check is currently expired.

My current, real reviews are at:

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A Lot On My Mind

Wow...I don't know where to start. Life has been a roller coaster, both positive and negative.

Raven (my girlfriend) has started to double with me.

This month seems to be slow. I have a very nice friend "S" who went above and beyond to help out Raven and myself with a special set of gifts. There are not enough words that could say thank you enough for that.

I fell a little behind on bills because I had some roommates that were not helping. They moved out but I am still scrambling to catch up from their irresponsibility. Business at times can be okay but there are weeks its very slow. I thankfully have a semi-understanding landlord although Im not sure it will stay that way if I can't keep up (see Sunday's goal below).

Right now I am trying to take care of 350 BY Sunday 6/14 and then my trash bill is overdue. Plus I have to have insurance on my car by the 26th. And then somehow turn around and have rent again no later than the 5th.

It seems like alot at times and be overwhelming. I am trying to stay positive. I was doing assistant services however things are so slow and some girls are retiring - and honestly I don't blame them.

It is hard to compete with fake ads on BP and girls charging 40 bucks who are seeing multiple people in a day. I LOVE my regulars and they are what keep me going. I enjoy nice, upscale gentlemen who enjoy nice, quality girls who aren't looking for the next fix coming thru the door or being able to satisfy their management.

I want to keep my nice, clean incall. I finally have a place to call home. Im settled and doing better. I just want to be able to bounce back on my feet and stay there. I cant say thank you enough to those that help me when I am struggling to keep my head above water.

Raven has had a great time with everyone she has met so far. Her menu is a little more expansive than mine. She doesn't mind seeing my previous friends or those well known in the community on her own or we REALLY enjoy doing doubles. She is my real-life girlfriend so there is definitely no faking going on. Its a true girl girl experience.

She will not have a website however if someone that is looking to schedule needs photos or a brief video clip that is available. She just wishes to remain discreet. A review is available on and hopefully another one coming soon.

My sleep schedule is all over the place and so is Raven's so there is no "normal" hours we are available. If you would like to see one or both of us we are available via email [email protected] or 314-643-6004 Text me and I will respond right away.

Until next time...

Much love,


Website: Http://

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A Lil Update

So things are doing better. Life is getting "normal" again.

I am very grateful for that. I did get two new positive reviews - The Erotic Review and Rate That Provider (yippee)! but I did get a fake negative review. I contacted TER to try to get it removed.

Reviews are super important in this industry and have greatly helped. The review is not consistent with any of my other honest ones and obviously written to try to hurt me personally.

It did not work :) I have learned to accept myself and am getting better. Positive steps in the right direction.

I hope everyone is doing well <3

With Love,


Website: Http://

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How Have You Been?

How do you answer this question honestly?

My life has been a rollercoaster. I got this amazing place in November. It was a huge investment. Everything was great. I had side jobs going, seeing previous clients on a regular basis again. My roommates had jobs. We had other assistance with food and things. Life was okay.

Then my one roommate lost his job. After my roommate lost his job his girlfriend moved out to "take a break" with no warning - basically giving me extra income I have to provide for and bills per month.

Then the assistance got screwed up twice and finally not repairable for food assistance. Thank goodness for food pantries but they don't provide everything (like meat). Add in bills. Im behind on last months rent and I have to turn around and do it again in two weeks.

The taxes that the one roommate whose girlfriend bailed got completely taken. Its a long story but a sign on bonus he never got keeps getting removed every year and there is nothing he can do about it.

Basically I am fighting to swim upstream and feel like I m drowning. I am hoping to resurface soon brighter and better than ever. Right now I just need all the help I can get. I want so much to be in a better place and I am fighting like hell to get there.

Someone asked me how I stay so positive and smile despite everything. I just do. Because I don't slow down to think about everything because I think I will just break if I ever did. I just keep going because that is what I do. I know I am very blessed because some people don't even have what I have.

So if you can send positive vibes or help out in any way I would so very much appreciate it from emotional support to appointments or just random acts of kindness (like pre-paid Vanilla Visas, grocery cards, taking care of a bill, whatever). It all adds up in little ways to get me towards what I need overall.

New friends must have a reference or two from safe, trusted providers. For new friends I am available for a one on one GFE experience or you can see me with one of several other sexxxy ladies (all independent of course). :)~

With love

[email protected]
314-643-6004 (text preferred or try to call if it goes straight to VM text will only work - I need a new phone)

Reviews: <---- New Reviews. A "5-star" Experience

Website: Http://

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