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Been so long... Still around providing


It has been over a year since I have posted on this site. To be honest I thought I would have been booted off by now LOL!

Well I am still around but obviously I am no blogger. For some reason I just can't get myself to talk about how my tryst go. I am very private and writing seems a bit impersonal. Sort of like reviews. I don't discourage them because I guess people still see I am around and providing excellently but I just can't do it. So ever now and again I will post on my twitter account about what's going on in my world.

I have been travelling a bit and I post my schedule regularly on my website so stay tuned I maybe in your neck of the woods.

Take care and kisses,
Ashley Sparks
[email protected]


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Ebony Spinner Touring Dallas, TX August 19th - 21st

Hello Gents and Couples,

For those that are not familiar with me,
I am Ashley Sparks, an ebony companion based in Atlanta. I am 5'2', 110 lbs, very petite. My slender frame is ideal for the refine gentlemen that love to cuddle. I am well reviewed for my rendezvous, which are 100% GFE (non-rushed and extra relaxing) but if you are looking for something more frisky I can accommodate that too (wink).

-Thursday 19th 1pm - 11pm
-Friday 20th 8am - 11pm
-Saturday 21st 8am - 12pm

*Receive $50 off of increments equal to or greater than 90 minutes if booked before 8/17 OR if you are a verification site member thereafter touring consideration applies*

Verification site members (P411, D-C, or RS2K) and VIP reviewers are welcomed for fast and easy scheduling.

Hope to see you soon!

Ashley Sparks
[email protected]


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Still Around Providing GFE+ Excursions

Hello everyone,

I have not wrote here in over a year. In this last year things have changed for me so much. Most for the better and some not so mentionable.

For the most part I have began touring about twice a month now. I am still in search for new places to tour so I can change up my travel plans more often. So far the locations I travel to regularly have been NYC/LI, DC, NC, SC, and AL. I have been to Boston once and loved it so much I may put Boston in the rotation. I have been to a few other places but I will probably travel to those places seasonally. If you would like me to add your city/state to my touring destinations send me an email or better yet join my mailing list @

I have been working on making my gents experiences more relaxing and enjoyable for the both of us by adding some addition treats and fetishes to the menu such as VIP (check out my website [F.A.Q] for additional details).

Well sweet kisses till next time,
Ashley Spark


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What an exhausting week!!!!

Hello All,

It has been sometime since my last entry. I have been touring some but not as much as I'd like.
I can say that today is really a day that I am back to normal. For the last week I have been running on fumes. I have been getting little to no sleep. Mostly because of excitement of touring and being out and about. But, I am fully rested and back to my normal spunky ways.

Last Wednesday I set out to start my tour of yes again "The Big Apple". I can't help I LOVE NEW YORK. I only seem to make it up here like every six to eight months. So, I was really excited. I made my tour dates along the week of the NY Meet and Greet. So I headed out to meet the lovely ladies and gent of NY. I admit I only been to Atlanta Meet and Greets so I was sort of nervous because I didn't know any ladies that were there or coming but with the help of Octavia she made me feel so comfortable introducing me to her friends and the ladies and gents she knew. I got to put faces to the names that are widely vocal on the boards. Shout out to Miss Erica Stone you are so crazy and I can't wait till we get to meet again. Thanks TBM for the invite I really enjoyed myself and hope to make another one of your mixers. It was a different vibe for home meet and greets but never the less I would do it again.

Little ol' me I got invited to a smaller gathering after the Meet and Greet where I got to hang with some really down-to-earth people. The food looked so delicious but all I could eat was the melon because I am not much of a red meat girl. My Cosmo was right on point.

I was so exhausted but I had a full day ahead of me so there wasn't that much sleep.
I worked, shopped, visited family, and sight-see like every time I come out to NYC but it never wears out. Hope I can make it back by Thanksgiving.

I make it back to Atlanta Monday still exhausted but I don't have time to rest. I have to attend another Meet and Greet tonight hosted by P.T. Yes, two M&G's in four days.
I met old friends and so many more new friends. I got to meet lovely ladies that I have only seen on post. It was really nice to meet the ladies in my area that I have never seen before. I am pretty shy person but the DJ rocked. She played old to new music that everyone loved. I even danced!!!!
The ladies of the night were doing there thang. It was very amusing and we just can't have a ATL M&G without the extra eye candy (wink).
I got to meet a lovely lady that everyone was mixing me up, Vivienne. Just so happened that we had dress somewhat similar. But she was beautiful so I can't be mad at the situation. I am always looking forward for Atlanta M&G's.

Now it is time for me to sign out.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!!!

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Ebony Spinner Touring Dallas, TX August 19th - 21st

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What an exhausting week!!!!

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